AUTOMEET – See, Feel & Go Crazy
March 4th, 2010 by ASHWIN

Have you ever imagined to see the Nations most ultimate Automotive Ingenious Minds competing against each other in a single Arena!? Ever Imagined the Momentum of their Racing!? The magnitude of their true Potential!? Their Conflict to Conquer the Ultimate Peak of Success?! Well! Why are you imagining it. See, feel & go crazy!

The Department of Automobile Engineering, Madras Institute of Technology, is all set to Rev up your brains from the Neutral with its most prestigious Techno-Management Fest “AUTOMEET 10″. Buckle up your seat belts! The race falls on March 15th. Be there!


Paper Presentation

The classic symposium special. A platform for presenting ideas that can potentially revolutionise our lives. Small or big, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the benefits that we can realise from it. So come forward to put your thoughts into action. Show us how you can change the world, one slide at a time.


Imported C&B Show

Lose yourself in the world of Imported Metal

Auto Q

You know, tough brain-racking questions of cars & bikes you’ve never heard/seen before. And some easy ones that can still cause you to bang your head. Either way, it packs a turbo-charged punch!

Gen Q

The best place to exhibit your knowledge about Tintin’s hobbies and Genghis khan’s palace


My car hates vanilla ice cream. You know why? It doesn’t have an antipercolator, can that be a reason? Why does a spoonful of sugar in this fuel tank prevent a car from starting? If u think u can answer these questions. You know where to head up to.

RC Car Race

Lets give your brains a break. Let your fingers do the racing.

Non – IC RC Car Race

Drag Race

Air Car

Ever thought of doing something useful with your emptied coke bottle other than throwing it to the bin?! Well! We have got the place which you have been looking for! Think Innovative! Showcase your talents.

Virtual Remodelling

Don’t have the dough to buy and remodel a new car? Why not do it in a computer. After all, that pretty much what we all have been doing in NFS, right? Show us how good you are at transforming a lemon into a limousine. With the help of some virtual car ‘editing’ softwares , of course.

Cad Modelling

Precision engineering begins here. Wield the powers of CATIA and PRO-E to give shape to your thoughts. Show us that design and analysis that can be done without breaking into a sweat.

Car Sketching

Some people tend to ask: What’s so great about sketching? Even small kids draw cars from their flights of fantasy. Does that quality? Actually it does. There is no car in the world which originated without a simple sketch. Such is the importance of car sketching that Giorgetto Giugiaro, of all people, swear by it, so you know that you’re up to. Sketch a car that you think will make people fall head over heels just looking at it. Aesthetics takes the front seat here, and if stuff like aerodynamics and ergonomics have a role to play, you can get some brownie points!


Tech Xword

Tougher than the Guardian. More challenging than the Hindu. Are we selling newspapers? No, is just our auto crossword. So big that you’ll need a couple of hours to solve it. And given just one hour to do so. What’s life without a challenge, you say?

PC Gaming

The ultimate test of your communication, determination, accuracy and presence of mind. The CS Mini-Tourney at Automeet will be a tactical warzone for the meanest clans in Chennai. Everyone is invited to show their proness. Prove that you can mag, drag and pull a headie with ease. Be there or Be square.

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